Applied Decoration

Stenciling is a much maligned art in Britain, it sadly got a bad reputation in the 80’s and for many the word stenciling conjures up images of twee ivy leaves around door frames or remembered experiences of losing the will to live as you pounced a small stencil brush endlessly to produce your patterned room… but think again!

Stencils are cutting edge, think of Banksy, the now world renowned graffiti artist who regularly uses stencils. At Carte Blanche you can have big patterns and bold, as well as the pretty detail and delicate adornment, it’s not just borders and accents, you can have all over patterns or a single statement. All over patterns are similar to a wallpaper but instead of being limited to colour-ways in a range you can have any colour and you can have any pattern.

Stencils are not just for walls but for floors, ceilings, cabinetry, furniture, fabric and accessories; and the stencilling can be textured, metallic, you can incorporate glass beads, Swarovski crystals, gold leaf, your project can become mixed media.