Murals are a unique way to personalise your space whether it is your home or work environment. We will work with you to produce the style and type of content that suits your interior and your personality, whether it is a your own personality or a corporate personality.

At Carte Blanche we offer two main forms of application; either we can paint a mural directly onto the wall or use the 3,000 year old technique of marouflage, where the mural is painted on canvas in our studio and then applied to your wall.

The marouflage technique allows us to carry out the work for a client whose project is perhaps many miles away. The canvas can be completed in our well equipped studio, reducing costs and saving disruption. This is particularly convenient for commercial settings but it also means that on domestic projects your home is not left in disarray by the presence of an artist and the attendant scaffold, ladders and clutter that accompanies the work for however long the project takes. Marouflage is not always the best way to approach a project, with more complex wall surfaces it may be better to paint directly onto the wall.